Custom Spain & Portugal Itineraries for Curious Travelers

What do you get on an Iberian journey designed by Kilometer One? A stress-free experience, total peace of mind, and …

Deep Knowledge

I know the Iberian Peninsula really well (like, visited-60+-times-over-the-past-30-years). This means I can match you with the activities and destinations that best suit your interests. Spain and Portugal cover a HUGE swath of varied landscapes, cultures, and opportunities—I’m here to help you narrow in on what will awe you the most.

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Expert Connections

My experience and my connections to born-and-raised local experts get you intimate, often exclusive access to Iberia’s best sights. We can even theme your trip to your own passions—like hiking, cooking, wine, or Christian pilgrimage—with tailored tours and hands-on activities that show you the side of Spain & Portugal most tourists miss.

A Tailored Approach

Get ready to explore Iberia on your own terms. I take a consultative approach to planning your trip (see below for more on that). This means your itinerary revolves around exactly how you want to travel—whether you’re up for a private escorted tour, a self-guided adventure, a river cruise down the Douro, or an ocean cruise along the Iberian coast.

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It All Starts Here!

My Structured Process for Your Seamless Adventure

Here’s how I’ll plan your journey from start to finish:

1. Initial Consultation

We’ll first connect on your consultation call. I’ll collect more details about the kind of trip you’re after, and get all your questions answered here.

2. Design & Refine

If you’re ready for the next step, I’ll begin working on your trip proposal. Then, we’ll work together to refine your detailed proposal to turn it into a perfect-fit itinerary.

3. Book

Once your itinerary is in place, I’ll reserve every component of your trip for you—from cruise cabins, to tours, special excursions, ground transportation, lodging, and more.

4. Prepare

In addition to ensuring that you have all your necessary travel documents, I’ll provide you with some recommended reading that will bring your destinations to life.

5. Depart & Support

You’ll leave for your Iberian adventure armed with your detailed itinerary—as well as my personal travel recommendations for the destinations you visit. Run into a snag on your journey? Simply reach out to me. I will work with my partners in-country to get it resolved.

For More Information Visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Start Here: Reserve Your Free Planning Call

Want to learn more about the kind of custom Iberian itinerary I can design for you? Let’s connect on your complimentary planning call—click below to get started:

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DIY+ Option: Consultation Session

Comfortable with booking your travel yourself, but need some input from a destination expert? I can steer you in the right direction (and away from the tourist traps) on a consultation session. We can discuss itinerary ideas, destination options, logistical issues, and how to make the most of your visit—based on your specific interests.

Rate: $100 per hour

Interested in DIY+? Shoot me an email and I’ll arrange our session.