Spain, Portugal, and Beyond

Meet Ted Bowling, the Iberian Travel Expert behind Kilometer One

I’m a very blessed and thankful guy living with my beautiful Spanish wife, one crazy dog, and one very wise cat in Stow, Ohio. Creating travel experiences is my third act. I started out as a US Army Foreign Area Officer, focused on Latin America. After leaving the Army I spent a decade in the defense industry as a Project Management Professional. Helping people discover the world and discover more about themselves in the process has always been one of my dreams. So now, I’m living it!

More Than
Years of experience
My Passion For Spain

You won’t find many travel agents that focus on one area,

And even less on an area as relatively small as Iberia. That being said, this focus gives me the opportunity to develop exceptionally deep expertise and deliver great value to my clients. It's my passion.

I’ve been visiting Spain and Portugal routinely for the past 30 years, and my father-in-law Hector was always ready to show me something new. He had lived through the Spanish Civil War and the ensuing decades of poverty, but it hadn’t hardened him.

In fact, he seemed to have friends everywhere we went—and we really did go everywhere, as we crisscrossed the country on our dozens of expeditions. Hector was the navigator, and I was the driver. Our adventures took us from the yacht harbor in Marbella to sheep ranches in Teruel. I will always miss him when I step off the plane in Madrid.

More than 60 visits (and a few damaged rental cars …) later, I’m convinced that Iberia—and Spain in particular—is the most fascinating, diverse, and captivating place in the world.

So, why Spain? What keeps me going back?

Because Spain is history cracked open.

In Spain, you see the layers of history laid bare, like a rock split in two to reveal its strata. At a single site, for example, you can see the traces of an ancient Roman temple beneath the traces of an Islamic mosque before it was converted into a cathedral. Iberian Strata.

Because of the diversity of geography.

I can drive from my home in Ohio to Iowa — 600 miles over nine hours—and not much changes. But as you travel through Spain and Portugal, the landscape is constantly changing—with new ecosystems, new architecture, new cultures. This diverse geography has played a key role in shaping the Peninsula's fascinating history and people.

Because of the people.

Even more than history or landscapes, travel is about connecting with people; and in Iberia, people never fail to surprise me with their spirit and generosity. Whether, Catalan, Basque, Galician, Portuguese, or any of the many distinct Iberian cultural communities, meeting people and shaping new relationships is fascinating and energizing. I make new friends every time I visit.

What clients ask

My clients tend to be curious about the same things

The history, the geography, and the warm, welcoming people who call this fascinating corner of the world home. This is what I strive to reveal in the trips I plan through Kilometer One.

After 60+ visits, one thing I’ve learned is that Spain and its surroundings give you so much to explore. But when you don’t know where to start—or who to trust—it can get overwhelming, fast.

From river and ocean cruising to spectacular guided tours to independent adventures. Iberia has it all. So if you feel a pull toward this special place, I invite you to trust me. My deep expertise, industry connections, and consultative approach net you an intimate experience that illuminates the very best of the Iberian Peninsula.

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Why Choose Ted?

You have a lot of choices for your Iberian vacation. - here’s the case for choosing Kilometer One:

Depth and focus.

I am one of the only travel advisors in the United States focused on Spain and Portugal.

I speak the language.

I speak both fluent Spanish and functional Portuguese, having studied European Portuguese at the prestigious Defense Language Institute.

I have both lived and learned experience.

Including a Master’s Degree in Latin American and Iberian Studies.

I've got the details covered.

As a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and former Army Officer, I know how to make the complex details of a tailored itinerary work together seamlessly.

Because I've been there.

I’ve walked the ground that you will walk. I have the contacts. I have the experience to get it right.

Because together, we give back.

5% of Kilometer One’s net revenue goes back to the community through the work of the Summa Health Foundation.

If you love photography like I do, you will love Spain and Portugal…….

Giving Back

Susana and I have a deep commitment to our community here in Northeast Ohio.

I am proud to partner with Summa Health, which is dedicated to the advancement of compassionate, quality patient care for a healthier community. Kilometer One has committed 5% of all net revenue to benefit Summa Health and its patients. To learn more about Summa Health or to donate directly please visit here.

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Serving my country has been the greatest honor of my life. As a small business owner, I continue to live by the values instilled in all members of the US Armed Forces. Please join me in supporting Veteran Owned Businesses whenever possible.