Frequently Asked Questions

My focus on Spain and Portugal allows me to provide exceptional expertise and value to my clients in that area. However, I can book travel for you anywhere in the world. For example, I have lived and traveled extensively in Latin America, and am quite comfortable advising clients regarding that region. If I am not comfortable advising you regarding a given destination, I will ask your permission to refer you to an expert agent in my network.

Good question. I throw that word around a lot on my website. The short answer is that it is the name of the European Peninsula that contains the nations of Spain and Portugal. And if you really want to get granular, it also contains the Principality of Andorra as well as the British Crown Colony of Gibraltar. .

If its associated with Iberia, I can plan it. River Cruising, Ocean Cruising, Escorted Land Tours, Mountain Biking, Wine Tours, Ocean Cruising, Hiking, Culinary Adventures, Christian Pilgrimages and more. I love introducing people to the real Spain. Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world, but most visitors just make a beeline to the sandy beaches. There is so much more, and I want to show it to you. (Not that you shouldn’t spend a day at the beach!)

Although Spain is relatively small geographically compared to the USA, it has a wide variety of climate zones which makes pleasant travel possible throughout the year.

Prototypical travel seasons are Spring and Fall where you can expect moderate temperatures throughout the Peninsula. May is often the most inviting month of the year, and is an excellent time to visit southern destinations. Unfortunately, most of Europe has been experiencing unusually high temperatures over the past summers. This trend is likely to continue and can make summer travel very challenging in the center and south of the Peninsula. Fortunately, the beautiful, green northern regions such as Galicia, Austurias, and the Basque Country can remain quite pleasant even when other areas become uncomfortably warm.

Winter can also be a great time to visit inland Spain. Great travel values, an absence of crowds and reasonable temperatures in many parts of the Peninsula provide a variety of options.

The bottom line is that I have traveled throughout the Peninsula throughout the year. I will be able to help match your goals to the right itinerary at the right time.

  • I have 30 years of travel experience in Spain and Portugal. Not only can I help you determine where you want to visit. I can also connect you with the best partners to meet your needs and priorities.
  • I am your single point of contact for planning. Think of me as a concierge. I’ll bring it all together and make the process easy for you.
  • Rather than costing you money, I will get you more value. As a member of a Virtuoso affiliated network, I can access amenities and experiences not available to the general public. (The general public is often still under the false impression that using a travel agent costs extra money.)
  • I’ll help you make the most of your trip in unique ways such as reading lists focused on the experience that you select.
  • I’ll make sure you are covered while you are traveling. Working with my in-country partners we form a team that you can reach out to 24 hours a day if you have questions.
  • Travelers for whom low cost is the absolute number one priority. Notice that I say price, not value. These travelers are often willing to accept logistical risks and uncertainties regarding value/quality in order achieve price advantages.
  • Experienced travelers that truly enjoy booking their own travel and have the time/resources to accept some degree of logistical risk. These travelers book travel as a hobby.
  • Note that I offer a service to objectively review your DIY travel plans with you before you book (or after if necessary). If this is your first time traveling to Iberia, and you intend to book your own travel, it may be worth it to let me review your plans. You’d be surprised how much my personal experience can help. Also, keep in mind that I offer a free initial consultation for all my clients, and I would be happy to help you make a decision on the question of DIY booking when we talk.

    I certainly can book air. However, in many cases, I recommend that my clients make their own air arrangements. Keep in mind that in certain circumstances (cruises, packaged tours, etc) air may be included, or offered at a discounted rate. Regardless of the circumstances, when it comes to air, I will always recommend the approach that it is in your best interes

    Yes, absolutely. If its a trip to Spain or Portugal, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you on an experience for a larger group. I can work with a range of budgets.

    Travel insurance is highly recommended in case something happens before or during your trip. Your vacation is a monetary and emotional investment and is deserving of protection for those reasons. I have several options available and can help match you with the best plan. Two things to know:

  • I am not an insurance agent. So although I will recommend policies to you based on your needs, I cannot answer specific questions regarding a given policy. You will be provided with information and contact information for the insurer for you to get any questions resolved.
  • Like all travel advisors, if you choose not to purchase travel insurance to protect your Kilometer One experience, I will ask you to electronically sign a declination statement.